February 11 cotton futures bad report provides the opportunity to buy

Although the United States 830 billion U.S. dollars rescue package approved, but the USDA report bad lead ICE cotton fell, 905 fell 2.66 cents to 47.95 cents / lb, is expected to affect today Mr Cotton may, challenges continue to callback 12,000 / tons of support. The present situation, Mr Cotton market lacks the strength to suppress initiative, and round up the bull on the cotton price have a stronger ability to control, and internal and external linkage of cotton imports by China is declining greatly weakened. ICE Cotton period therefore fell sharply limited impact on the cotton Zheng, Zheng cotton callback challenge 12,000 / tons of integer support, such support has been verified, could be buying a small amount of cotton to 12,000 / ton for the stop loss. But does not rule out the possibility Zheng cotton fell again challenge 11,840 yuan / ton support possible, so 12,000 / ton fell, to do short-term neutral to 11,840 yuan / ton line.