How to fix water damaged aubusson rugs

First, make sure that water is clean, dirty or black water. Only in the case of clean water, you can for aubusson rugs cleaning and restoration work, on the contrary case, with infectious disease bacteria without clean water or black water, professional cleaning staff should be invited to address this issue, including clean water from the sink, flush toilet tank clean or broken water pipes out of the water. Do not clean water: has any degree of biological pollution of water, including Pierce pumped water beds and dirty toilet overflowing, washing a pot of water. Black water is in contact with soil or mass transit distance of sewage water; this includes natural flood, but not limited to natural flood. If aubusson rugs is water pollution in the black, due to the large number of bacteria and other pollutants invasion you’ll just have to lose. Before starting the recovery of aubusson rugs, you should first find water and cut off. Under the clean water State, once the water is turned off, immediately dropped the water on the aubusson rugs. To reduce fungal growth, aubusson rugs pad had to be discarded. Save natural case of floods or flood water, to never affect the body perspective should immediately remove the aubusson rugs and aubusson rugs cushion. Urgent measures to immediately move all the furniture, prevent bacterial invasion or contaminated by the aubusson rugs and even dangerous. Try not to walk on the wet blanket. Moisture will weaken latex and aubusson rugs backing embryonic degree of blanket bond, too much to walk on the wet blanket will make blank blanket and backing separation. But blank blanket and backing after drying, you can basically reach initial adhesive strength. With fan to enhance air flow and, if necessary, use vacuum device to suck water, under the clean water State, dryer available to speed up drying. Water source within 24 hours of the day closed, aubusson rugs must be thoroughly dried to prevent bacterial and fungal. Varies in each case, whether to consult the people of professional cleaning aubusson rugs rescue. Typically, the insurance company will hire a professional cleaning staff for the guest to clean aubusson rugs. Professional cleaning staff Gallery is such a baby first pumping out too much water, and then for aubusson rugs cleaning/disinfection and, if necessary, removal of aubusson rugs, selecting professional cleaning staff.