HVI calibration for the first time the domestic production of cotton

November 8, 2008 to 10, Chinese Fiber Inspection Bureau from the lead, Dezhou in Shandong Province fiber inspection by the State responsible for the development of specific calibration HVI micronaire value of cotton and cotton-calibration of the two standard samples passed the examination. It is reported that, HVI calibration cotton production is the first to reach the international advanced level, which is in Chinese cotton fiber inspection service organizations, such as the Ma-related industry experts convened by the National Institute of Standards adopted at the meeting approved.

It is reported that the two calibration of cotton valued using the preferred test unit, division and multi-multi-point sampling and laboratory testing of the Joint valuation methods to effectively Calibration ensures the accuracy of the value of cotton.

It is reported that the national calibration HVI cotton for domestic high-capacity HVI cotton fiber testing and calibration equipment to verify the stability of the state of HVI to ensure consistency of the test results. HVI testing to meet the needs of the development and production of cotton HVI calibration standard sample is of great significance. Micronaire value for the calibration of the main cotton HVI cotton high-capacity fiber tester Make Long and portable instrument calibration to ensure the accuracy of test results.