Indian Textile Ministry to assess whether the textile park goal

Indian Textile Ministry appointed a consultant to assess the textile flagship project under the Ministry of Textile Park whether the creation of employment opportunities as well as world-class infrastructure.

According to the arrangements for the integrated textile parks (SITP), the Government for each park textiles and building 40% of the amount of investment, the highest not more than 400,000,000 rupees. So far, the Ministry of Textiles has allocated 4.5 billion rupees.

To the end of 2009, with a total expected investment of 200 billion rupees. In the prior approval of the additional funds, the government plans to hurry to assess the efficiency.

The consultants will submit the report by the end of December. His research will be to assess whether the plans to target infrastructure that meets world-class level, to create employment opportunities for the attainment of government expectations, the research will assess the export revenue, investment, the introduction of new technologies and attract foreign direct investment, and whether With a vertical management capacity. At the same time, research will also put forward proposals to make arrangements for repair, so that the arrangements more attractive. There are 40 textile parks at various stages of construction.