Introduction to the acetate fabrics

Main components of acetate fabric for cellulose acetate, is a recycled fibers, from the molecular components of wood pulp and cotton fibers are a chemical fiber in fiber extracted. By the chemical process of acetic acid, forming long acetate fibers can be used for spinning and weaving, it has multiple properties of cotton fabrics, such as the moisture absorption and permeability, high adsorption, low strength of color and paste such as skin comfort. Acetate fabric is blended woven fabric, that is, a piece of yarn (the warp or the weft) is composed of two or more components of filament (or staple), performance with multiple fibers. As acetate and polyester long silk mixed weaving fabric has polyester of strong and pendant sexual, overcome has acetate silk low strong of weaknesses, and acetate silk of low density and improve has pure polyester fabric fabric too pendant of suppressed sense, to reached acetate class fabric of unique vertical sense and elegant sense, addition acetate fabric of antistatic sexual and moisture breathable sexual, improve has pure polyester fabric surface light of weaknesses. Strong adsorption acetate fabric color, can sustainable fabric color does not fade. Acetate fabric is not charged, is not easy to dust in the air, dry cleaning, washing (below 30 degrees machine wash, hand wash can be), bacteria overcome long hair dyed fabric, with dust and dry clean only weakness nor disadvantages of wool woven fabric insects, easy to take care of collections, and acetate fabric with wool woven fabric back elastic and smooth feel.