January 19 domestic cotton market information Comments

Domestic spot: January 19, China’s cotton (11740, -10.00, -0.09%,) price index (CC Index328 level) to 11,075 yuan / ton, up 3 yuan; CC Index229 level for 11,610 yuan / ton, up 2 yuan; CC Index527 level for 10,019 yuan / ton, or 7 yuan.

Bring together the market: January 19, MA0903 to close at 11,790 yuan, an average price of 11,741 yuan, up 10 yuan; MA0904 to close at 11,770 yuan, an average price of 11,760 yuan, down 4 yuan; MA0905 to close at 11,850 yuan, an average price of 11,858 yuan, up 4 yuan. Overall turnover of 7160 tons, 860 tons over the previous increase in total orders for 58,100 tons, an increase 460 tons.

Zheng Cotton Futures: January 19, Zheng cotton narrow range of low shock admission overcast turnover hit since mid-September last year, low-volume, positions slightly reduced, market highlights holiday atmosphere, the main contract CF905 opened 11,760 yuan / ton, the highest on Exploration 11785, the minimum to 11,725, down 50 check and accept the ultimate in 11,755 yuan / ton. Today, trading continued to shrink, a total turnover of 8586 in hand, while continuing to 296 to 43,000 hand in hand.

Imports of cotton: January 19, with the exception of the United States upland cotton prices rose 0.50 cents, Pima 2 rose 2 cents, other varieties of the basic price has not changed. Since the quota issue, the U.S. cotton is the main varieties of transaction, led the United States cotton pricing gradually climbed, while other species have only a small number of competitive advantages. no longer be carried out before the Spring Festival, outside the cotton imports will enter a flat period.