Nigeria urgent need to develop the textile sector

President of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s President Masayoshi Masushita Nigeria warned that if the collapse of the textile sector, on the whole, the industrial sector will be the development of a stumbling block to progress.

This is a warning message, Mr. Matsushita in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the United Nations in the city of Kaduna organized by a team of information at a seminar on the disclosure. According to statistics, Nigeria’s textile industry 10 years ago reached a peak in the current period, the textile industry there have been a recession.

Matsushita made a warning on to explain, he said that if Nigeria can not revive the dying textile sector, the provision of large-scale employment, then Nigeria will not achieve development. In Nigeria 80 175 textile units are currently operating at only 25. Textile exports from the sector five years ago of 44,000,000 U.S. dollars down to the current 11,000,000 U.S. dollars.

Matsushita said that the root cause of this situation is crazy and the smuggling of inferior quality and low quality of large-scale textile and clothing imports from abroad. He suggested that the Government of Nigeria should be engaged in the inspection mechanism to check these low-quality imported products. Despite Nigeria’s manufacturing units producing high-quality products, but these low-quality imports in Nigeria have made a foothold.

Matsushita said that the United Nations Industrial Development Organization is engaged in the restoration of this important textile sector, his proposal will be passed to the Government of Nigeria. He pointed out that Nigeria’s economic growth and national stability conditions for attracting foreign direct investment is necessary, the proposed government incentives and development plans.