Nylon performance and application

Nylon is widely used in a variety of textile products, especially in the use of carpet, which produced the nylon carpet is not only beautiful but also the quality of sound generous. There are more than 20 kinds of nylon family, divided into two broad categories: aliphatic PA (nylon line elements ALIPHAIC NYLON), aromatic PA (ARAMID NYLON) which, aliphatic PA species, named by the rules of synthetic specific number of carbon atoms Set. The main varieties of nylon 6 and nylon 66, an absolute dominant position, followed by the Nylon 11, Nylon 12, Nylon 610, Nylon 612, as well as nylon 1010, nylon 46, nylon 7, 9, nylon, nylon 13. There are new varieties of nylon 6I, special nylon MXD6 (barrier resin), and so on, the modified nylon myriad varieties, such as reinforced nylon, monomer cast nylon (MC nylon) reaction injection molding (RIM) nylon, aromatic nylon, transparent nylon , High impact (super-tough) nylon, nylon energy, conductive nylon, flame-retardant nylon, nylon 6 textile common: it is called first-C-fibers have been used socks, underwear, sports Shan Deng, Nylon 66: Poly has been named all-fiber diamine, and is similar to nylon 6, suitable for the production of raincoats, umbrellas and other products. Nylon 66 hardness, rigidity, but poor edge, the edge of a variety of nylon according to the size of the order of PA66 / 6 <PA6 <PA610 <PA11 <PA12 nylon cross-section of the round, some triangular, and its performance is as follows:

Project Performance
Dry breaking strength of 5.9 — 9.5 for the wet 5.1 —- 8.0
Rally strength 86000 — 134000
Elongation of 16 — 28%
Rebound rate of 4%
The proportion of 1: 14
Moisture absorption rate 4.5 percent

180 ℃ heat resistance softening
The melting point of 215 ℃
5% of the acid or alkaline salt boiling decomposition, nitric acid in the cold part of the decomposition of concentrated hydrochloric acid.
Solubility and chemical solvents in general do not dissolve in acid and dissolved in acid concentration.
Dyeing with dispersibility and acid dyes better
Anti-corrosion-resistant borers is never stale, long-term exposure, a strong decline. Blanch at the mention of Huang