Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry to increase cotton Kaicheng to buy 1,000,000 bales of cotton

Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP), Pakistan Cotton Processors Association (PCGA), as well as the common interests of those who bear the Monday meeting decided to immediately Kaicheng to buy 1,000,000 bales of cotton. Imtiaz Sheikh, general manager of a trading company said the acquisition was postponed due to sampling and grading process is not yet complete.

He said the country’s institutions will be two days of internal national Kaicheng from the site of 13 cotton farmers and cotton processors in the hands of cotton purchase. He said the state-funded company, to buy cotton aimed at stabilizing the market. Has to do a good job in all aspects of the acquisition of lint ready, as the Prime Minister has ordered a trading company in the first phase of the acquisition of 1,000,000 bales of cotton.

Trade will agree to some rupees per maund 3202 the price of Kai Cheng. Cotton processors now in the hands of some 8,500,000 bales of cotton, they will be trading 400 million bales of cotton. Trade’s market intervention will help to increase industrial and commercial cotton farmers to settle the arrears. The Government announced the acquisition of cotton farmers in the cotton price of Rs 1465 / 40 kg. Pakistan’s trade in the total number of warehouse storage capacity of about 130 million bales of lint.