Purchasing tibetan rugs checklist

Carpet also called synthetic tibetan rugss, their varieties are acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, Kevlar, nylon, and so on up to more than 30 more. It is based on chemical fiber as raw material, processed into fibers by tufted or woven by layer, synthetic tibetan rugss to linen base. With burn, corrosion, moisture-proof, wear resistance and so on. How should consumers through observation of the appearance to purchase high quality tibetan rugs? 1. high pile of the tibetan rugs, cashmere high a high amount of tibetan rugs yarn, therefore feet feeling good. 2. look at the density of the tibetan rugs, will shun the tibetan rugs weaving direction bending check for end of leakage, if there is no hole, the density of a general good. 3. sense of tibetan rugs wool, hand-description of the sense of touch tibetan rugs pile better tibetan rugs veil of monofilament fiber more, lodging easily used, easy to use. 4. surface is tibetan rugs weaving and tidy, pile head height is consistent, there is no default for wool, hair, Gao Mao, much less hair, broken hair and other defects. 5. tibetan rugs surface color is uniform, color difference, oils and other quality issues. 6. the blanket back solid bond, with or without chip, phenomena such as poor adhesion and bleed through.