Restructuring the textile industry has shown the effectiveness of

Although the Chinese textile industry for the difficulties faced by the country recently unveiled a number of policy control, but the policy has some role Hysteresis, which control the effect has not yet become apparent. At present, the majority of textile products decline in the growth trend has not reversed immediately improved.

From the China National Textile Industry Council that, before October of this year, the textile enterprises above designated size of the majority of the output growth rate than the same period last year is still a big decline, chemical fiber, cloth, clothing and so on output growth continued to trend down.

From the main production area, the eastern coastal areas, although weak output growth, but the proportion of its production structure is still dominant. According to statistics, prior to October of this year over the eastern part of the scale of production of chemical fiber textiles, apparel products still account for about 90 per cent of the country’s total output, while the cloth production of similar products still account for the national total of more than 80 per cent. It is worth noting that weak growth in the eastern part of the national textile production growth triggered landslides background, a number of central and western provinces and autonomous regions will remain a rare situation in which the development of strong, indicating the effectiveness of the restructuring of the textile industry has become.