Rolling cotton

Produced by British-American tobacco company cigarette draw the map of crimped rolling cotton, was an important task ahead of spinning and weaving. After the cotton grown after picking, drying, rolling flowers go to seed, crude bomb, spinning, dyeing, weaving and many processes, can do clothing system. Smoke produced by British-American tobacco company in 1905 painting depicts the crimped map is the scene of late Qing dynasty women rolling cotton. In China is not made of cotton. Before the song, civilians wearing Pouilly, usually linen fabric, rarely Royal high ranking official to wear cotton clothes. At that time, the winter people wore silk in the South, North of fur. Until the late Song dynasty, cotton, cotton continued to be regarded as valuable items. After the Song dynasty, began planting cotton in certain areas of Fujian and Guangdong. Later, cotton seed transmission to Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan and other places. When the Yuan dynasty, it was also introduced from Turfan in Xinjiang cotton seed in Shaanxi trial. Cotton really large-scale cultivation began in the Ming dynasty in China. The founding emperor of the Ming dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang’s has seen the economic value of cotton, to promote cotton planting, he promulgated a series of decrees. Cotton as a unique feature of cash crops, was also respected by the men of letters, was painted in red and Green by some painter as a floral displays. Now, a site on the possession of the Palace Museum in Beijing Sun Ai in the Ming dynasty of the kapok figure painting there are outstanding in the Ming dynasty painter Shen Zhou in a poem entitled: “when the nun with Huang Rui, Mian contain deep blue Bell. Grass keep clothing, long the people who this heart. “Cotton into poet art reflects this component in people’s minds. To the middle of the Ming dynasty, and weaving of cotton production process have reached a high level. People are equal, regardless of the North and South, are starting to cotton garments. The coat was warm, textile complex process it is very hard. Crimped-only one, has made a lot of people “severe lumbago”. Zhao Rukuo in the various wrote in the journal of the Southern Song dynasty: after the acquisition of cotton, “whichever antler flocculation, iron shafts ran to the seed, that is, hand mashed, spinning cloth”. To Wang Zhen in the Yuan dynasty the of the book, the “iron shaft grinding” has become a mix, that is, a treadmill, cottonseed, with great progress than before. It is a pity, since Yuan, the treadmill is no new development and changes. The Qing dynasty, is still used by people to seed this treadmill, work day, low acid leg pain, even the body is difficult to direct. With the times and social progress, and weaving of cotton production technological level continues to increase. Today, rolling and cotton, and many other modern machines are spinning and weaving processes are completed, clumsy hand-made mechanical gradually fade out people’s eyes.