September-October year-on-year growth in industrial output value of the county in more than 30%

In the face of a rapidly changing world economic situation, the last two months, the committee Shucheng County, the county government to adhere to the scientific development concept, the overall situation, to plan ahead, hand in hand with the business, financial crisis calmly. The county’s industrial economy has maintained a steady trend of development into ,9-county industrial output in October year-on-year growth in more than 30%.

By the world financial crisis, Shucheng County to form an industrial economy to various extents, in particular exports of some of the grim situation in the enterprise. To cope with the financial crisis in a timely manner Shucheng County Government held an enlarged meeting of the whole project will examine the deployment of countermeasures. In order to handle the project for the construction, funding for the project in order to promote investment projects to enhance the future development of the industrial economy. So far, the county with a total investment of 30,000,000 yuan more than 76 projects with a total investment of more than 370 billion yuan, started tens of millions of dollars more than 55 industrial projects, reported to the provincial department in charge of financial support for 29 projects. At the same time, the county’s use of macro-policy guidance for production and operation, in the enterprise space and reduction in areas such as energy-saving enterprises to strive for maximum support and guide enterprises to live with the policy. In view of the current unemployed migrant workers have returned home, the county organized labor, personnel, Economic, Agricultural Commission and other departments to actively recruit businesses to enter high-tech talent.

The slower pace of capital returns, capital tight chain, is Shuchen enterprises are facing a major problem, the county bank and actively carry out docking, the three secured through the county’s expanding financing channels for enterprises, in the secured financing capacity of more than 1,000,000,000 yuan County, “Golden Bridge” for more than 80 fund companies to provide short-term working capital close to 100,000,000 yuan. In the county for the development of small and medium enterprises and private financing for the status quo on the basis of the research, set up in a timely manner the work of the county finance office, set up in Anhui Province to guide the first micro-credit, small loans Huimin from corporate business on November 8 After ten days more than 2000 million loan, part of the solution to the urgent needs of SMEs.

Accelerate innovation, to adjust business strategy is to deal with the grim situation Shuchen enterprises an important measure. In the last two months, Shuchen enterprises to accelerate the pace of innovation, on the one hand, increase the level of technology and product levels, increase research and development efforts to increase scientific and technological content of products, increase the value-added products and enhance competitiveness of enterprises to adapt to the market’s ability to adjust strategy on the one hand, , Stepped up to open up the domestic market so that enterprises have confidence in the future, thought-out plan. Three baby Lok Co., Ltd. is one of the top 10 Shucheng County, the best-selling products all provinces, municipalities, and exports of the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, such as dozens of countries and regions, a few months ago, the sharp drop in export orders enterprise, Unstable prices of raw materials, together with the “milk powder incident,” the three musicians have lost sales of dairy products as more than 2000 million orders. But the difficulties did not stop the advance of the enterprise, the company’s efforts in technological innovation, in order to increase the technological content and value-added products, the three musicians to focus on new product research and development has made 14 national patents, high-tech enterprises is to declare At the same time, new injection on hand, welding robots and other high-tech equipment, has greatly enhanced the efficiency of labor. At present, the smooth operation of enterprises, and steadily compared to the same period last year, the output value is expected to break through to the end of 110,000,000 yuan. Qi is a feather flock provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, the main products exported to the United States, the European Union and Japan, more than 20 countries and regions. Financial crisis led to the downturn in the textile industry, many manufacturers supply procurement and the closure of factories, industrial chain missing off, slow money from circulation, export orders for a very low profits. In the face of the new situation, Qi will flock to the domestic market, the adjustment of the three production lines processing trade orders, at the same time increase investment in the brand’s efforts, close to the market, design, the new launch, now have agents all over the country, product demand , Flat domestic sales and export in previous years, the value of yuan to over a hundred million yuan in October.

Many entrepreneurs Geng Shiba crisis as an opportunity. Friends of the m-Yong, China Xin Printing, and other enterprises to take advantage of current opportunities and to plan new projects, the development of new projects, new projects started, the current Shucheng County of newly started projects reached 17, the preparatory work for the project to 21. Packaging integrity will be within the carton factory, logistics and color printing factory integration, cost savings and investment 160,000,000 yuan, 160 hectares of land, new tile on the edge of paper production line, cellular and Pallet paper production line. In particular the joint development with Taiwan businessmen pallets of paper, Taiwan is the introduction of a scientific research, the use of the company as a scrap of paper Pallet production of raw materials, waste, not only for the Po, and very substantial benefits in the long-term prospects for the domestic market. At present, factories have been built, equipment is being installed, can be part of the production end of the year.

Government scientific advance planning, sound business strategy, in the face of the current economic situation, Shuchen smooth running of the industrial economy, showing a stable, to upgrade the quality of a good situation. Yuan to October, the county industrial enterprises totaled 6,710,000,000 yuan output value, up 38%, of which over the scale of industrial production value 3,820,000,000 yuan, accounting for 57% of the total industrial output value of the whole county, the new 9-scale industrial enterprises, It is estimated that up to 102, China Resources Snow, Qi Cashmere, and so on down 8 enterprise has a production value of over a hundred million.