Silk textile companies to showcase new fiber yarn

Shandong silk textile side will show more high count yarn series, the new fiber yarn products. Which will promote JC60 teams combed ~ JC120 branch alone, stock lines, modal, tencel, soybean fiber, bamboo fiber, moisture perspiration fiber (coolmax, coolplus etc.), milk velvet, chitin fiber, Ramie and other pure and blended yarn spinning, spinning count generally at 10 ~ 80, blended family of a leading cotton blended products, its superfine polyester yarn has also developed certain characteristics, the current count can be spun at 28 ~ 60 branch.


Shandong silk side also introduces new technology such as Siro yarn spinning, yarn anti-wrinkle, anti-wrinkle polyester filament yarn containing, from the role of stent, woven into the fabric with cotton flu, but also significant and keeps its easy care; and Siro spinning to soybean, tencel, modal, new milk-based fiber yarn.


Silk Fang Textile Co., Ltd. is committed to new product development, introduction, according to the latest development of the “special skeleton yarn”, “milk protein fiber Multicomponent sirospun high count yarn” and other new products will also be at the Yarn Show on appearance.


According to introduction, differential fiber silk party companies at the exhibits in the application of more. Many components of milk fiber yarn fiber from milk, MODAL, cotton and other blended together, the product specifications for 10 ~ 80, anti-bacterial fibers from chitin fiber yarn, bamboo carbon fiber spinning system, the days of pure silk fiber spinning and blended yarn from silk, wool, cashmere, MODAI, cotton and other blended from a variety of differentiated fiber applications, enriching the silk side exhibits the type of textile Co., Ltd..