Textile industry learn to brand “follow the vehicle in front, after the car quit”

Textile and clothing belong to the list of textile products, in particular bearing on the “Community Map” Second, to tell the truth, it is between them there are too many similarities. Apparel industry as a result of brand management than brand management Hometextile early, therefore, will be compared to a textile clothing brother really am, however.

Is perhaps for this reason, with the brand management in recent years more and more attention to domestic textile enterprises, many of the emerging textile enterprises not only learn from the success of clothing brands business model, and the introduction of clothing brand enterprises talent to replenish its own personnel structure .

Perhaps the success of the brand experience enough for you enthusiasm, confidence, prepared by, but the reasons for the failure of the losers, although sometimes feel brand road filled with trepidation, but the lesson enough to make you a more sober mind, more calm mind, more cautious approach, more robust operation.

“Review the vehicle in front, after the car quit” ( “Han Jia Yi Chuan”), which means in front of the car turned over, can learn a lesson from the back of the car. After the “lesson” metaphor for the failure of previous warning people.

It has been said that this reminds me of the words “entrepreneurs should spend more time, to learn how the failure of others, because the success of hundreds of thousands of reasons, the reasons for the failure on one or two.” For being conducted or are preparing to brand management The textile enterprises need to improve this.

Perhaps a different brand of its success factors are not the same, but the failure of the brand for its failure there are many factors are similar. Therefore, the success of brand worship local enterprises or enterprise people, imitate others long road to success than to study some of the causes of the failure of enterprises and avoid a repetition of the more important and practical. Because the success of others to others or timing, or location, or and other factors, which some of you do not have and may not be able to replicate, and others, the failure of cases, the reasons for failure are enough for us to understand the business, brand management, marketing and consumers, such as the nature of fashion, but also help us to correct acts of decision making and business operations, and help us to avoid risks and mistakes and less pay.

Ring a mistake to judge the market and the market feels the first generation of clothing had to courage, hard work and personal struggle of the first generation of smart clothing brands, they may not done rigorous market research, it may not be clear what is market segmentation, At that time, on brand and marketing theory is far from now relatively mature, but they seized the domestic market was not yet sharp contradiction between supply and demand, especially consumer is still not mature enough and brands scarce opportunities.

With the domestic market and consumers become more sophisticated, has been the success factors (including the bold, hard-working and intelligent individuals, etc.) will no longer, it will become an obstacle to brand management. This is also a lot of follow-up was the “grand ambitions” reasons did not succeed. Regardless of the original OEM engaged in apparel, clothing or engage in foreign trade, or engage in the wholesale clothing, or as a clothing dealer, or engage in other industries to enter the list of clothing brands business, and if do not understand the ever-changing apparel market and consumers can not grasp or keep up with trends in the apparel industry, it is doomed your brand may be a road of no return.

Brand management for the former, using tools such as STP on the target market to conduct a comprehensive research and analysis, brand management is very sensitive to the blind and random.

Ring II, distorted interpretations of the brand when the brand is no longer as junior high school period of the twentieth century so scarce nineties, when we face more and more on brand, on the marketing theory and cases, many people have been reading the brand Early brand operators not so pure, many ideas and personal considerations and short-term behavior.

In many places, many companies, many business owners think that the brand is a trademark of Western style a little bit, a look beautiful VI, a quarterly Catalog. The result is a trademark in 2012 for an annual or quarterly basis for a client; a result, fewer and fewer customers, business has been increasingly poor, are under every situation. —— VI does not mean the brand, trademarks, brand names does not mean that.

There are many business owners do the brand is speculation that the concept of playing gimmicks, bluff, advertising, many companies do pay a heavy price. —— Brand is not a gimmick, not the concept. Brand can not be hollow, brands must have a value (products or services).

There are still many enterprises that the product is brand, brand management is the order will be a quarterly basis. No brand culture, no brand awareness / reputation / loyalty, no marketing, no channels and terminals. The result is that every time inventory for customers; a result, enterprises from ODM or OEM to ODM or OEM return to; To make matters worse, after the structure of an organization to roll out the wrong people (customers) has been misused. —— Brand products are not all, products are only the visible part of the brand.

When the wholesale, foreign trade, processing increasingly thin profit, many enterprises will be looking seemingly lucrative brand. But no, I do not know what year brand cultivation period, in the end do not see brand investment. The result is that for ages disappointed and stop and give up; stop, and reluctantly support, but doing “.” —— Brands like children, need to continue to nurture. The added value of brands is to build out unremittingly. Can not get its eggs, can not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm.

When the PPT, ITAT, ZARA were moving moment, a lot of clothing for one person eye-liang: The original clothing or brand can do so! But they are behind the success of their own background or resources, you touched their core competitiveness of it? Tung Shih antiquata no reason why change is not the fault of cosmetics. —— Brand is not a simple model of plagiarism or copying. Some people say that other people can copy my model, but you can not copy my suffering, can not copy the passion I keep moving.

Ring III, superstition “marketing” local clothing brands for many years experience and marketing experience, to create a lot of successful brands and create a lot of wonderful marketing case, but also the birth of a lot of “pseudo-marketing.”

Marketing is a combination 4P is 4C portfolio, but it is business or marketing of the target market and target consumers filled with enthusiasm, concern and understanding, it is business or marketing of clothing (or products) tireless enthusiasm, commitment and innovation, it is business-to-operation of management experience and tireless pursuit of more business-to-staff, on the team, strong sense of responsibility to society.

Marketing is not an empty slogan, not a pyramid scheme, nor the success of Endeavourers school.

Marketing is not only planning, not only sales, from the brand positioning, product planning to the sales and customer satisfaction process.

Positioning is not own subjective circle. Location can not be too broad, too vague. Will not be too superstitious so-called “extraordinary” or “plug-bit”, it is only targeted replacement only. The brand or product accurately understand the position, rather than blind faith in the theory of so-called experts, it is better to use your heart to market and consumers, intentions to do STP, choose their own market; as an objective to carry out SWOT analysis, to understand their own now the situation, business direction is where, how to achieve business strategy.

Market is the brand management or marketing source. On the market and the consumers all the information, on the fashion industry or the various dynamics, is doing a good job marketing the brand and the premise of doing a good job. Therefore, on the market and consumers a little more research, industry and information on more than some of the concerns, the establishment of efficient information-gathering system, and maintain a keen market sense and decision-making ability to respond is crucial.

Many enterprises are too concerned about the so-called marketing skills, while ignoring the things that have been marketing, such as a deeper understanding of the market, the close attention of consumers, such as the quality of products or services relentless pursuit, such as suppliers, distributors, consumers , team of employees and social responsibility.

Marketing is not a magic weapon to turn stone into gold, is not omnipotent. Marketing is targeted at the market, combined with the operation of the enterprise resource wisdom and execution. Popular sentence with the words, marketing is from the market and return to the market strategy and implementation.