Yarn Exhibition sixth leading enterprises out of adversity

The most difficult situation faced by the industry’s historical period, to trade associations based on a combined fleet organized by the China International Textile yarn (summer) the exhibition industry to take up more responsibilities. Upcoming March 30, 2009 ~ April 1 at the China World Trade Center Hall 3 at the Sixth China International Textile yarn (summer) exhibitions, to change the traditional trade-type mode of operation of the exhibition, to play various sectors Association of professional strengths, and guide the technological upgrading of enterprises, help enterprises to develop new markets, out of adversity. The show will focus on the current thread to create “high-grade yarn,” “color spinning”, “new type of fiber blended yarn” to display the three focus areas, and for the first time released yarn trends “FABRICSCHINA-YARN TRENDS”.

At present, China’s cotton industry to deal with the plight of the most important task is to upgrade production, control low-level spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing capacity growth, encourage enterprises to develop high value-added products and enhance enterprise’s core competitiveness, the development of high value-added products . Therefore, this general concept of yarn exhibition will be the market for the purpose of stimulating domestic demand and strive to build key enterprises, key products of the show, reflecting yarn market development trends and movements.

To this end, the exhibition organizers in preparation for the beginning of 2004 -2008 visited in the spring and summer or autumn and winter exhibition arbitrary yarn or two for more than two enterprises and related professionals to conduct a sample survey of the professional audiences interested in the products of regional and product categories were summarized. According to the findings, the organizers of the exhibition will exceed the original layout, refined product classifications, the focus of the market promising to build a new type of fiber blended yarn, colored yarn spinning and other high-end platform.

In addition, the exhibition organizers will give full play to the China Cotton Textile Industry Association professional advantage, organizations invited to the representation of product characteristics and advantages of enhancing enterprises in the exhibition site for product launches will be held, detailing the development of new type of fiber orientation and other blended, multi-group The development trend of sub-fibers. The organizers will have the characteristics of product development, technological upgrading of industry to lead the demonstration enterprises awarded the “Recommended yarn product certificate” to encourage enterprises to technological innovation.