Textile technology in Jiangsu Sheng completed

Dec. 11, from Shanghai patented technology trading center and the town of Shengze jointly formed by the National People’s Government (Shanghai Sheng) display technology and textile trading center in Jiangsu Sheng completed.

December 11, the state (Shanghai Sheng) display technology and textile trading center built in Jiangsu Sheng, Sheng marked the restructuring of the textile products will enter the track of scientific development. The patented technology by the Shanghai Trade Center and the People Shengze Town, the establishment of the joint. China Textile Industry Association, Xu Yuan, Chinese textile newspaper’s director of child-Qi, Wu Jiang, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor Wu Wei, Wu Jiang, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the party in the town Sheng Hung Sheng-ming, China Oriental Silk Market, as well as leading business management The representative of a total of 180 people attended the ceremony.

China Textile Industry Association, said Xu Kunyuan, vice president of the recently introduced support for the central light and textile industry development policy, we can see that the textile industry in the national economy as well as the important position of China in the textile an important role in the global economy. At present, the textile industry is facing a very grim situation, but we are confident about the future development: First, do business, industry and 1 / 3 of the enterprise sales growth, profit, with an average margin of more than 15%. Second, look at the market, international and domestic market, the basic pattern has not changed, China’s textile products have been deeply rooted in Europe and the United States, the Japanese market, a good product, good quality and reasonable price, cost-effective; consumption in the domestic market has great potential.

Xu said that the textile industry a long way to go to protect intellectual property rights, the establishment of the center is conducive to the growth of independent brands Sheng; conducive to business innovation, more competitive products; conducive to the establishment of norms of fair market competition order.