Tibet to Beijing by hand we look at the carpet hand-woven carpet show

This morning, the snow-covered plateau of Tibet from the Tibet Kawa Kennedy hand-woven carpets official stationed in Chaoyang Park, located near the Blue Harbor Business District, in addition to members of the public to buy them from the hand of the Tibetan carpet, but also to watch from the Lhasa Weavers scene of hand-woven wool carpet show.

Li Wei, the owner told reporters that Kennedy Kawa Tibetan carpets by hand by the awesome spectacle of knitting wool from the sheep’s. Design more or less be summed up as wild animals, geometric stripes, the traditional symbol of plants and flowers 4 large family. Beijing’s customers can also order the computer systems of different carpet designs, colors, sizes modified so that the customer needs to be personalized to meet the maximum.

Reporters saw in the shop, Kawa Kennedy Tibetan carpet hand-in average price of 3,000 yuan per square meter or so, and in-store price of the carpet from 500 yuan to 25,000 yuan range.