Tips to buy the pure wool rug

A look at the raw materials of high quality raw materials are generally fine wool textile pure wool savonnerie rugs into their hair long, even, soft, elastic, no hard root; inferior raw materials of the savonnerie rugs is often mixed with mouldy preserved bad bad hair and fiber polypropylene fibre, its thickness, not short and hairy root, no flexibility when hand feeling, hard root. Second look beautiful clear high quality wool savonnerie rugs, pile full of gloss, color uniformity, patterns of structured, soft plush below, inverted line; while the poor-quality savonnerie rugs color Dim, fuzzy patterns, plush sparse, pilling resistance of adhesive ash does not dirty easily. Three-foot high quality wool savonnerie rugs foot comfort, no adhesion sliding, resilient well, soon after stepping on to reinstate; inferior elasticity of the savonnerie rugs are very small, very slow recovery from stepping on feet feeling rough, often with a hard object. Four technology exquisite workmanship of high quality wool savonnerie rugs, savonnerie rugs surface flatness, trace rules; inferior savonnerie rugs are rough workmanship, line leakage and more threadbare, its weight is significantly less because of the density of quality products.