Yizheng Chemical Fiber around the “energy saving, energy, abatement, efficiency,” the theme of

Yizheng Chemical Fiber Company since 2007, focusing on “energy conservation, energy, abatement, efficiency,” the theme of the concept of cleaner production will run through the whole process of production, production and operation in the ever-increasing volume at the same time, energy consumption, material consumption level and sustained efforts to cut emissions of pollutants, sustainable development for the company has laid a solid foundation.

At present, the output value of Yizheng Chemical Fiber million comprehensive energy consumption for 0.5223 tons of standard coal; industrial water recycling rate is 97.06 percent, 1,214,400 tons of water-saving; industrial wastewater 607,69 tons of COD emissions, these indicators and the first round of enterprises in 2006 Cleaner Production Audit, when compared to a significant progress.

To do a good job of clean production, Yizheng Chemical Fiber over the past two years has completed a management measures, technological innovation, upgrading of equipment, overhaul maintenance programs such as cleaner production a total of 83, in which no fee, low-fee program 54, in charges, high fees Item 28. These programs focus on water Service Center is implementing the second phase of the gas to generate electricity and reconstruction project, PTA Center in condensate Reuse Project, polyester Center polyester waste water steam exhaust combustion transformation projects, thermoelectric center boiler flue gas desulfurization project and so on. In the comprehensive utilization of resources, energy saving, water-saving and emission reduction achieved remarkable results in the same time, corporate awareness of cleaner production workers have also been enhanced.